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Performance Based Navigation

4 juillet 2016 - Transports

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A striking example of additional safety benefits in a high density TMA

4 juillet 2016

PBN approach - RNAV (GNSS) RWY 20 at Paris ORY

Runway 20 is in use when strong southerly winds make it impossible for arrivals to land on runway 26 (or runway 24), as they would reach their crosswind limitations. Before the publication of the PBN approach for runway 20, the only way to access France’s second airport in such adverse weather conditions was to descend on the ILS for runway 26 (or runway 24) and, provided that the required visual references were established at the circling MDA/H, perform a visual manoeuvre to land on runway 20.

Alongside with providing airlines & local communities with accuracy & reliability, the PBN approach for runway 20 has delivered significant safety benefits by replacing the heterogeneously flown visual section of the former circling procedure with a satellite guided approach segment.

Some discrepancies in the equipment fleet operating at Paris Orly still subsist, leading to the necessity of integrating flights on a circling approach when the RNAV(GNSS) RWY 20 is used by a great majority. These occurrences may become an ATM issue, particularly during peak hours as they can affect the real time operational performance of the platform on arrival.