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A380 & MODE S in Paris CDG

14 janvier 2016 (mis à jour le 4 juillet 2016) - Transports

Do not declare A380 for code A1000 assignment.

Currently, the A380 Mode S equipment is not fully compliant with the Minimum Operational Performance Specification for Secondary Surveillance Radar Mode S Transponders (i.e. MOPS ED-73).


Few seconds after landing, the A380 Flight Management System (FMS) sends invalid Flight ID, followed by potential losses of aircraft identification in Paris CDG Air Traffic Management system. These occurrences create work overloads and potential unsafe environment for controllers. Besides, losses of aircraft Identification lead to difficulties for Airport Systems to discriminate A380s. In case of several simultaneous arrivals, the risk of misleading parking affectation is real.


Until the update of Mode S airborne equipment by Airbus, the A380 fleet cannot claim to be eligible for code A1000.
We kindly ask you to not declare your A380 for code A1000 assignment and to fill in your flight plans accordingly (letter P in the 10b field of the flight plan).

Click here for Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC).