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CDM@CDG, a collaborative approach towards efficient and reliable snow event management

27 octobre 2016 - Transports

When significant snow events are expected, safe and efficient Air Traffic Management (ATM) requires the participation of all the major platform actors in a reliable and effective working framework.



Airport CDM is about partners working together and making decisions based on more accurate and higher quality information, where every piece of information has the exact same meaning for every partner involved. More efficient use of resources, and improved event punctuality (i.e. weather disruptions) as well as predictability are the target results.

"It ensures that the right partners get the right information at the right time". Paris CDG CDM manager

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D-1 – CDM@CDG conference calls at various management level


Defining a common strategy and an ATM vision when significant winter meteorological events are expected and /or are happening.

If critical weather forecast makes it necessary to consider flight cancelations, collaborative decision making in such case follows a bottom up approach. Indeed, the CDM@CDG actors will relay the request to the DGAC, in charge of the final decision, after going through intensive consultation and assessment of the situation :

  • runway availability taking into account the potential number of runways available (one set of runways only, two runways for each set, etc.),
  • de-icing possibilities and snow clearing information to help defining the airport capacity and estimate the flight abatement needed for the safest platform operations.



D day - ensuring collaborative real-time disruption management

Activation of the CDM cell

Collaborative decisions are taken to operate the platform the most efficient and safest way by integrating the constraints and real time needs of all actors. These decisions may notably concern the following matters :

  • snow clearing priorities,
  • high speed turn-offs or taxi routes availabilities,
  • arrival/departure priorities, etc.

As a reminder, runway capacities are always decided by DSNA local ops units. The CDM cell may however recommend adjustments that shall be considered by tower and approach managers.

The objective of CDM is to build a community with a common culture. Significant winter weather events such as critical snow episodes are rare. The safest and most efficient operation of a platform must capitalize on a collective experience.