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COP21 : translating the Paris Climate Agreement into concrete actions

During her press conference focusing on the priorities for the immediate future, Ségolène Royal, President of the COP, set out the process of implementation for COP21, which will run until COP22 in Marrakesh this November.

Making the Paris Agreement a reality

The official ceremony marking the signature of the Paris Agreement will be held on 22 April 2016, at UN headquarters in New York.
After this date, all nations have a maximum of one year to sign up to the Agreement, which will come into force 30 days after it has been ratified by at least 55 countries (representing a total of 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions). During her press conference on 6 April 2016, the COP President announced that 120 signatory nations had already confirmed their attendance at the ceremony on 22 April.

The ratification process

The ratification of the Paris Agreement is the process by which each signatory formally approves the content of the deal and commits to putting its principles into practice. In the majority of countries, this means that the Parliament must vote to approve the implementation of the Paris Agreement. In France, the ratification of the new law is on the agenda of the National Assembly for 17 May 2016.

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Mobilising government and civil society stakeholders

During the press conference, Ségolène Royal also reiterated the importance of maintaining the current, unprecedentedly high level of commitment from governments and civil society in order to minimise the impact of global warming over the coming decades. Major priorities in this respect include :

  • The creation of a calendar to keep track of the 70 coalitions formed as part of the Lima-Paris Action Agenda ;
  • The crucial importance of the initiative to expand access to renewable energies in Africa ;
  • The meeting of almost 40 nations in Paris to discuss carbon pricing, which must be expanded to encourage businesses and the financial sector to invest in low-carbon projects ;
  • Putting the oceans at the heart of our climate change actions.