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CPS 2016 - Safety Promotion Committee

26 août 2016 (mis à jour le 29 août 2016) - Transports

Save the date : Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, 20 Oct 2016, 13h00



Registration deadline : 20th of September


Groupe ADP and the DSNA, together, adopted a joint roadmap called CDM@CDG 2020 for improving both performance and safety at the same time. All the projects of this roadmap significantly contribute to the improvement of the development and advancement of Paris-CDG in terms of sustainability, competitiveness, and safety.

"The direct participation of the air carriers, as customers and partners, is essential for us"

For this purpose, the air navigation services provider of Paris-CDG and Groupe ADP are jointly sponsoring the Safety Promotion Committee (CPS).

Agenda highlights


13h-14h Lunch Buffet

14h-17h Presentations

The main objective of this committee is to share our safety concerns on identified “hot” topics.

  •  Airside works 2016-2017
    CDG airside works for 2016/2017 will be presented.
  •  Ground Taxiing at CDG
    Taxiing in the complex layout of CDG can be challenging : presentation of this safety issue and main corrective actions planned.
  • Runway surface conditions / TALPA
    Presentation on the evolution of the regulatory framework concerning runway surface conditions assessment and reporting, implemented processes at CDG and the challenges ahead (processes, experimentations, new tools, ground-cockpit interfaces…)
    High Intensity Runway Operations (Capacity) are tightly dependent on Runway Occupancy Time and the implementation of the European new wake turbulence categorization (RECAT EU).
  •  RWSL
    What is your experience with Runway Status Lights at CDG Airport
  •  RNAV/GNSS Approaches
    The multiplication of such procedures introduces unexpected safety issues
  • Aeronautical information
    Main issues regarding aeronautical information at Paris-CDG and overview of the future evolutions.


Each topic will be completed by output reflections from Flight Safety Officers and Safety Managers workshops earlier in the morning.

Detailed Agenda


English will be the only language used for workshops and presentations.
(Unless we call for the help of colleagues for which French is the only reliable language we know.)

How to get to the seminar


Please download the access guide here