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Electronic Environment ERATO (EEE)

8 novembre 2016 - Transports

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Electronic Environment ERATO at Bordeaux ACC

8 novembre 2016 (mis à jour le 17 novembre 2016)

November 17th, a new fully electronic Air Traffic Management (ATM) system will have been implemented in Bordeaux Area Control Centre (ACC.
The so called E.E. ERATO system is the first large step in DSNA technical modernisation plan for en route. It is meant to deliver more safety and capacity for its customers. Nevertheless, at the time of implementation, capacities will be reduced to allow each air traffic controller to take control, in real time operations, of all the new capabilities available.

The defined transitioning plan has benefited from the lessons learnt during the 2015 Brest transition. The training phases on the simulator have been, and are delivered to the ATCOs without impact on the Bordeaux ACC capacity.

  • From November 17th to November 22nd, the control room configuration will be limited to 11 control sectors instead of 19. This limitation enables DSNA to have a contingency solution with the old system in case anything goes wrong.
  • From November 23rd, all control working positions will have transitioned.
  • Most critical impacts are to be expected during the first two weeks after the implementation.
  • Eurocontrol’s thorough impact study showed that the ERATO transition may generate an average delay per day of 5 to 35 minutes per flight.
  • Not later than March 31st 2017, initial capacity or more will have been reached.

Click here for the set of rerouting scenarios to expect during the transition.