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4 juillet 2016 - Transports

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From May 20th 2016:Additional control sector layer at Marseille ACC

4 juillet 2016

A new 4th layer is created for sectors G, Y, A, B above FL375 to offer more capacity for overflights cruising at FL 380 and above. Adjacent to M and F control sectors, they constitute an entire airspace available above FL375 notably for operations between Germany and the Balearic Islands.

The main objective is to achieve a better traffic balance between layers in tactical operations, and ensure through a collaborative process and in standard weather conditions their use and compatibility with the concerned traffic flows.

In case of identified traffic over deliveries, the FMP operator will suggest refiling options to partner airlines on a selected number of flights. Such process helps to alleviate a congested layer and prevents from applying a regulation.

Dividing airspace into multiple layers contributes to drive more capacity for all airspace users regardless of their cruising level if the traffic demand is optimally distributed.