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Number of PBN approaches in DSNA area of responsibility

4 juillet 2016 (mis à jour le 6 juillet 2016) - Transports

Breakdown by operating minima - May 2016 status

On IFR runway ends which are compatible and may accommodate PBN procedures with vertical guidance (i.e. 204 IFR runway ends out of the 220 total), 71% will be covered as at August 18th 2016. DSNA final objective is full coverage of these 204 IFR runway ends with a PBN procedure with vertical guidance by 2018.

Click here for the full mapping of PBN approaches’ status in France & overseas territories)


Implementation of PBN approaches was notably made possible through European co-financing programs.

Aircraft capability is crucial to allow the spread of PBN and to maximize its benefits.

Besides, RNAV 1 trajectories are now implemented within more than 75% of DSNA terminal areas.