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Prévention des risques

Stop plastic waste : Launch of the international coalition

24 novembre 2016 - Prévention des risques

Direction générale de la prévention des risques
A4 Format , 4 pages

"The Paris Agreement on Climate change enters into force less than one year after its adoption in December 2015. For the first time in history, the oceans and the seas have been at the centre of climate negotiations. Oceans are strongly impacted by climate change and by the pollution that destroys its biodiversity.

The concentration of plastic waste has led to the creation of a veritable 7th continent. In 20 years, if no action is taken, this continent of waste will be a large as Europe.

By launching this international coalition to reduce pollution by plastic waste, all countries are mobilising to protect the oceans with concrete action. Combating plastic waste starts by reducing the use of plastic bags. Used only once time and produced from hydrocarbons which generate greenhouse gases, they pollute the land, rivers and then the seas, and they have become the symbol of a model of non-sustainable production and consumption.

I hope that by means of the commitments that will be made, the States and all of the partners who have already launched initiatives to draw attention to this scourge and to reduce plastic waste will share their experience and propose concrete solutions.

I know that I can count on your mobilisation".

Ségolène Royal,
Minister of Environment, Energy and the Sea,
in charge of International Relations on Climate,
President of COP21