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Adaptation in France (English presentation)


12 octobre 2011

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The Observatory (ONERC)

12 octobre 2011 (mis à jour le 30 mai 2012)

The Observatoire national sur les effets du réchauffement climatique (ONERC) was created by law on 19th February 2001. Its activities cover the overseas departments and territories as well as mainland France. These activities are mainly :

To collect and disseminate information, studies and research on risks associated to climate change and extreme climate events.
To make recommendations on potential measures of prevention and adaptation in order to limit the risks associated to climate change.
ONERC reports every year to the Prime minister and to the Parliament, and can communicate towards local communities.
ONERC provides a range of tools for adaptation planning, which can help local communities for a first approach of impacts assessment and adaptation planning. This includes indicators of observed climate change, local future climate change scenarios as well as a large documentation on climate. More information is available on :
The Observatory has a steering committee chaired by Paul Vergès, French Senator, which includes national and local policymakers as well as scientific experts.
ONERC contributes also to the dialogue with developing countries on the subjects of impacts and adaptation, in liaison with the French overseas departments and territories.
Research on climate change impacts and adaptation is ongoing in a large number of research organizations. France has two climate models, one developed by Météo-France and CERFACS (referred to as CNRM), and the other by Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace (CNRS/IPSL). Impact studies are being done in many sectors : health, water, risks, forestry, agriculture, biodiversity, infrastructures, energy.



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