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Adaptation in France (English presentation)


12 octobre 2011

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The national climate change adaptation plan

12 octobre 2011 (mis à jour le 21 décembre 2011)

Programme law 2009-967 of 3 August 2009, relating to the implementation of the Grenelle Environment Forum, makes provision in Article 42 for “the preparation of a National Adaptation Plan for a variety of areas of activity by 2011”.

The first French National Adaptation Plan aims to plan adaptation actions, prevent inappropriate adaptation and ensure consistency across public policy measures relating to adaptation. It aims to present measures designed to help France prepare for and exploit new climatic conditions in France for the next five years, covering the period 2011-2015.
Given the uncertainty surrounding climate change predictions and evaluations of the anticipated impacts of climate change, several priorities have informed the drafting of the plan :

• increasing current knowledge in all fields, including the use of a socio-economic approach ;
• defining methodologies for mainstreaming adaptation ;
• reinforcing observation and alert mechanisms.

This first National Plan therefore contains a large number of actions and measures relating to research and observation. However, this uncertainty should not be an impediment to action and the plan also contains a number of practical measures, such as those aimed at saving water resources or the measure to integrate climate change into the frame of reference for the fields analysed in the Plan for Careers in the Green Economy (Plan métiers de l’économie verte).

Ultimately, the plan is a set of 84 actions expressed in 230 measures. The vast majority of these actions will begin in 2011 or 2012. It has not been possible to evaluate the financial cost for all of the measures. However, it should be noted that funding for the plan should be approximately 171 million euros, excluding civil service staff costs. To this €171 million allocated directly to the new measures should be added an additional €391 million in Future Investments (Investissements d’Avenir) which will contribute in varying degrees to adaptation. Moreover, several measures have already been funded within the framework of the Drought Plan (Plan sécheresse) and the Rapid Flooding Plan (Plan submersion rapide, 500 million euros for the period 2011-2016) which also contribute to funding the plan.

Local communities

Regional responsibility for adaptation lies with Regional Climate, Air and Energy Programmes (SRCAE) and Regional Climate-Energy Plans (PCET) which are currently being developed at a local level.

> Download the Plan (PDF - 1856 Ko)

> Download the annexe (PDF - 577 Ko)


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