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Electronic Environment ERATO (EEE)

8 novembre 2016 - Transports

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What is it, for what benefits ?

19 juin 2015 (mis à jour le 30 septembre 2016)


ERATO stands for En Route Air Traffic Organizer. It is a server that provides the artificial intelligence of the whole EEE system and principally consists of a trajectory prediction for each controlled aircraft. E.E.E is thus able to offer innovative functions to air traffic controllers, mainly provided by the ERATO server, to gives helpful assistance for conflict detection and resolution. It marks the beginning of DSNA’s transitioning from a paper based traffic management system to a fully electronic environment, becoming one of the first milestones on the way to SESAR deployment program in France.
By year 2020, 4-Flight, the most innovative Air Traffic Management system in Europe will be commissioned in all French Area Control Centers and will integrate the ERATO functionalities.

What major improvements will E.E.E deliver ?

Enhanced safety and quality of service by :

  • earlier and fine-tuned conflict detection and resolution, improved decision making processes
  • saving air traffic controllers mental resources in their analysis & decision process,
  • giving accessibility to a wider range of situation awareness warning systems,
  • securing the entrance of each aircraft in the oceanic airspace.

Such new technologies refocus Air Traffic controllers on their priority mission : to deliver safe and efficient air navigation services.

Commissioning starts in December 2015

Implementation will take place in Brest and Bordeaux Area Control Centers following a step by step agenda :

  • From December 2015 : EEE commissioning in Brest ACC
  • From November 2016 : EEE commissioning in Bordeaux ACC

In 2014, ENAV (the Italian air navigation service provider) and DSNA agreed on a joint venture to enhance the ERATO concept and deploy it in their respective electronic environments from year 2015. They have recently signed a partnership to continue their collaboration and deliver Europe’s leading-edge solution for conflict detection.