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Winter season preparation

27 octobre 2016

A yearly consultation meeting to set the general framework


Airlines are associated to the preparation of winter season plans at local or national level. It starts by a yearly national consultation organized by DGAC.

This meeting aims at :

  • agreeing on high level objectives to manage operations if a significant winter weather episode was to disrupt either one of the French platforms,
  • defining the high level method to anticipate and best manage the potential disruption,
  • presenting and explaining the procedure leading to a flight cancellation decision on any impacted airports if the forecasted weather disruptions were to be significant.

When a snow episode arises, the primary objective of a winter plan is to maintain a safe traffic flow to and from either one of the concerned French airports while ensuring that the flight program of each airline is the least impacted. The step-by-step approach followed relies on a weather forecast regularly updated by the national MET office and a thorough information process to all involved parties, particularly emphasized in A-CDM airports.