Ségolène Royal presents her priorities for rapid implementation of the Paris Agreement

Submitted by aurelie.bouque… on Thursday 6 October 2016

Since the threshold of the entry into force of the Paris Agreement has been crossed, Ségolène Royal today presented her action priorities in order to rapidly apply the commitments adopted by the COP21:

  • The President of the COP will propose an ambitious and precise agenda for the first meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement, which will take place in Morocco. Ségolène Royal intends to ensure that this first meeting, which must adopt several application decisions (presentation of the next contributions, adaptation, financing, etc.), will be well prepared;
  • Ségolène Royal has set as a priority to resolve the question of financing in order to ensure the success of the African COP in Marrakesh. France has already announced that it will increase its current climate financing of 3 billion euros per year to 5 billion euros per year in 2020.